December 27, 2015 Bella Collins

Update 1 from Bella – BAPTISM OF FIRE


rlag xmas15

Hi ALL! Apologies for the radio silence, today is day 5 and the first day we’ve been able to consider sitting in a small hot cabin and write a blog without vomiting everywhere.

The first two days were exhausting, the weather – although great for a fast start – was a real baptism of fire. Strong winds, huge waves, torrential rain to the point that you couldn’t see and A LOT of sick from Lauren and Gee. I have so much respect for those two girls, they battled through every bout of vomit, got on the oars and stayed as cheery as you can do when feeling that ill. Gee was very grateful that we cleaned the bucket with angel smelling disinfectant in La Gomera! Olivia was a little sick and my iron stomach lived up to it’s to reputation.

We had ocean reunion and american spirit by our side for the first couple of hours of the race, saw atlantic drifters speed past us at one point, had to radio on our VHF to a tanker heading in our direction rapidly, Gee politely asked them to stay out of our way and since then we’ve pretty much been on our own.

Some dolphins briefly came swimming next to us on day 4 which lead to many squeals coming off the boat (yup staying girly) and the odd tiny bird (where do the come from!!).

Rowing is relentless. Every time you’re woken up for the next 2 hour shift you just want to scream – Give Me A Break!! – but when you’re on the oars, it’s not too bad. At night the moon lights the way and the stars are beautiful, in the day you feel so lucky to be in this vast ocean that not many people are able to experience. We’re day dreaming and hallucinating a lot. Gee woke up lat night and poked her head out to Lauren – “Where are we?” at which Lauren replied – “We are roughly 300 miles from La Gomera in the Atlantic Ocean”. This seemed to satisfy Gee and back she went to sleep! We’re all dreaming about the other teams, waking up thinking we’re rafted up with the Antiguans in Team Wadadli or making jokes with the Lions. 

However life is starting to have more of a routine and homely feel now, we’re up on deck in the day, and all trying to make ourselves eat more now that the sea sickness is over, look after the boat, keeping the solar panels clean, doing bum checks – highly important as we all have pretty spotty bums already – and generally keeping each other cheery.

So all good from the ocean, missing you all and happy Christmas Eve!


PS – Simon and Olly from Atomized – our Go Pro got lost in the storm, can you please deliver us another one?!

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  1. lynn porter

    You girls are up there with the greatest, you will make it with that sence of humour how could you ever fail.You do it for all us normal every day ladies.

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