Our Atlantic adventure was dedicated to raising money and awareness for Plan UK’s ‘because I am a girl’ campaign. Across the globe, girls’ rights are threatened by poverty, gender inequality, violence, poor education, unfair policies, ingrained attitudes, conflicts, and disasters.




It is important to speak out in support of every girl’s right to live safe from violence, to go to school, to marry who they want, when they want, and to have their voices heard.

Protecting the rights of adolescent girls, keeping them safe from harm, giving them access to a quality education and delaying marriage and childbirth means they can break the cycle of poverty to look forward to a brighter future. The kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls and the shooting of Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan reminds us that now is the time to act. For many girls, adolescence brings an increased threat of abuse or violence and a denial of rights and choices, meaning they are often invisible in global and national processes attempting to end poverty.

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Row Like a Girl have so far raised over £26,000 for Plan UK.

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