As I begin this the time is 20.11 (boat time), its 23.11 in the United Kingdom and roughly 18.11 in Antigua. We have just passed under the 60nm marker and are rowing and hand steering currently holding 3.2 knots. I am in the bow cabin with the laptop safely under my arm to write the final blog. It’s a weird thought to know that this time tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed) our feet will be firmly on Antiguan Soil… but here it goes, you’ll be hearing from me all throughout the night.

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As I’m sat here typing away in the hot festering cabin I cannot believe we have been at sea for over a week! Time is flying by.

It was a strange thing leaving the marina of La Gomera, as we rowed away slightly giggly and hysterically, it took us about a good 3 miles to realise that this was it- no turning back now. A sudden realisation that oh, actually, we can’t turn back – no more training rows. We looked back to the mountains of La Gomera and Tenerife and all thought to ourselves this is a bit mad really, are we really doing this? And on we went.

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Hello from Lauren

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post! I first came acquainted to blogging during my 1st attempt to cross the Atlantic, and found it a welcome break from the waves and constant bum chaffage. Bear with me whilst I take you back to April 2014, after spending 4 months at sea.

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