Gee reflects

Welcome home Bella and Olivia. The girls arrive back in to the UK this morning! So glad you’re home- we’ve missed you!

And just like that, that’s it. It’s 4 weeks since we completed our challenge of a lifetime, my Antiguan holiday has long since been over and we’re all now back in Blighty. Safe to say I haven’t missed the cold, rain or wind at all, I don’t know how you’ve all coped! How odd it feels to be back in England. In fact it still feels a little weird to be back on land separated from our boat and the girls let alone back in the UK. Read more

Blog update from Gee

It’s official as I come to you from the stern cabin; typing on the laptop with my own blistered hands, the vomcano has fallen silent. Chunder shall erupt no more aboard Mrs Nelson- crosses fingers- that being said I wouldn’t want to tempt fate so will keep this relatively short and sweet. Just a quick note on vomit whilst I’m at it- man it sucks. There is absolutely no escape or relief from the feeling of seasickness. Almost instantly having been sick you feel nauseous again, it’s unrelenting. For the first 5 days or so having to hold this routine whilst not eating or drinking and constantly vomiting was not fun. Hence it’s taken me until now to brave the blog writing in the cabin- the feeling was just too unbearable to voluntarily put myself through it. But finally a blog from Gee, I hope it’s a good’n.

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