August 3, 2015 Georgina Purdy

A quick update from Gee


It’s been a crazy few weeks for the team with some amazing progression in the campaign. Not bad considering we are all balancing our busy working lives whilst trying to fit in time to train, row, eat and sleep.


We fly out one way from Gatwick on November 30th heading for the Canary Islands, where we will set off from 2 weeks later. It’s suddenly all become very real. But granted it’s slightly scary… no backing out now!


As most of you will also know we now have our boat! Mrs Nelson (AKA Nellie).

'Lap the World' in Nelly

‘Lap the World’ in Nelly

She has made one Atlantic voyage already with the ‘Lap the World’ crew from Portugal to Venezuela securing a land to land record in the process. She’s in mint condition and with a bit of love and attention from the guys at Rannoch she’ll be raring to go for her second voyage. 29ft x 6ft she will be our home, life line and protector for the entirety of our journey. 29ft x 6ft she will be our home, life line and protector for the entirety of our journey.

We’ve already spent a couple of weekends getting to know her. For me my biggest fear is not feeling prepared and a big part of that comes with learning about the boat. Knowing how everything works, knowing how to fix things, tinker with things and have confidence in our ability to cope with anything that the ocean might do to our lovely Nellie and us on board. We still have a way to go in this department and it’s not to be underestimated how much time we need to spend off the water learning about all our equipment. But exciting nonetheless and something that personally I enjoy which definitely helps.

We have also taken the opportunity to test the perks she has to offer and what is needed to make our journey more comfortable. We have a very close ocean rowing family around us and so are inundated with advice and guidance on ways to make our boat a happier place to be.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 22.05.11Some  of you might have seen our video testing out the speakers on the boat by now… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under any illusions we will be booze cruise ravers rowing across the ocean… BUT… it’s nice to have the option! To have those added luxuries that will make our journey great as possible. (To be honest I can see us listening to Harry potter audiobooks over the latest club bangers… but could be wrong). Though I think another dance routine on the boat may be in order at half way!

Girls becoming acquainted with Nelson

Girls becoming acquainted with Nelson

The coming weekends will be more of the same with the majority of them blocked out until October when we say goodbye to Nellie who is to be shipped off to La Gomera. Here’s hoping the weather holds out for us.

We have two long trips in the pipeline before then so we are full steam ahead planning and ensuring we have everything we need to make the trips beneficial. We’ll certainly have more pictures and hopefully entertaining videos after our first night row this weekend so watch this space.



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  1. Christine Payne

    Hi, you won’t remember me but I bought your first ever present a pair for wini the poo socks! What you are doing is amazing thing, We wish you Good luck and will be with you through out your voyage. Best wishes from Christine and Tony.

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