As I begin this the time is 20.11 (boat time), its 23.11 in the United Kingdom and roughly 18.11 in Antigua. We have just passed under the 60nm marker and are rowing and hand steering currently holding 3.2 knots. I am in the bow cabin with the laptop safely under my arm to write the final blog. It’s a weird thought to know that this time tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed) our feet will be firmly on Antiguan Soil… but here it goes, you’ll be hearing from me all throughout the night.

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Author: Eva Armbrust

Fan mail to: 17° 57.61 N, 042° 45.72 W

No, I didn’t receive any. I’m writing it. A first timer in 33 years. Last time I considered doing that I was 13 years old and the lucky recipient would have been Mark Owen from Take That. I didn’t end up doing it.

20 years onwards and equipped with slightly enhanced English skills, I’m giving it a try. Not to Mark though, sorry buddy. This letter is for a woman, a colleague, a friend. Read more

The RLAG Guide to Waves

A wave is just a wave right? Wrong. We’ve become quite accustomed to the waves out here and how they affect our rowing, body and mentality. Here’s our definitive guide…

The Surfer – this is the best type of wave, it picks up the boat and propels it forward at superhuman speed. It feels like you’ve picked up a power box in that game Mario Kart and got the speed boost – does that make sense?! It’s epic and I absolutely love them. This is the only good type of wave and comes rarely.

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Blog update from Gee

It’s official as I come to you from the stern cabin; typing on the laptop with my own blistered hands, the vomcano has fallen silent. Chunder shall erupt no more aboard Mrs Nelson- crosses fingers- that being said I wouldn’t want to tempt fate so will keep this relatively short and sweet. Just a quick note on vomit whilst I’m at it- man it sucks. There is absolutely no escape or relief from the feeling of seasickness. Almost instantly having been sick you feel nauseous again, it’s unrelenting. For the first 5 days or so having to hold this routine whilst not eating or drinking and constantly vomiting was not fun. Hence it’s taken me until now to brave the blog writing in the cabin- the feeling was just too unbearable to voluntarily put myself through it. But finally a blog from Gee, I hope it’s a good’n.

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‘Our beautiful pea green boat’ Blog 3 from Olivia

So here we are then.. Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, nearly half way in fact at 1700m from Antigua in our ‘beautiful pea green boat’ we like to call Mrs Nelson.

Hygiene is certainly key to short term happiness out here, once a day or so teeth get brushed, hair plaited, boat scrubbed and rubbish rinsed and stored – all executed whilst we pitch and roll over 20 – 30 ft waves. These waves are enormous, but it’s not the big waves that we have found to be the problem to date, the ones to watch out for are the sneaky little sideways lickers that creep up, pitch the boat off balance and spit all over crew and contents, leaving everything drenched 5 minutes before it is time to retreat back to the warm cabins.

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